Mini zoo «Zakisi»

Mini zoo Zakisi

84 km from Riga

One of the best places where to spend the weekend together with children. Enjoying the natural countryside of Latvia.

T. +371 29347387

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MiniZoo «Rakši»

raksi zoo

84 km from Riga

The Zoo is part of the «Raksi» leisure complex. There are several animals: alpaca, llama and guanaco, as well as the Bactrian camels.

T. +371 20009097

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Riga zoological garden

Rigas Zoologiskais darzs

Riga, Mežaparks

Established on 14 October, 1912
Area 20 ha

There are around 3000 animals representing 430 speciesOne of the oldest in the North Europe

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Latgale zoo

Latgale zoo 228 km from Riga
Wonderful place to study and view tropical animals. There is a possibility to order thematic excursions in natural sciences.

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